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    Default Proper Display of Weapon Damage in Inventory Screen

    Can we please get an update to the way weapon damage is displayed in the inventory screen for your equipped weapons?

    Used to show up as, say, '2d6+25'. Then, probably around the time they switched to [W] for Menace of the Underdark, it instead changed to '(7-17)', losing any influence from the flat modifiers (except for the enhancement bonus, in my example +5).

    Could we please make it less opaque, and actually go back to showing the full damage modifier, in other words, making it '2[1d6]+25'. I know this is not a complete foreign concept to Turbine, as they already use this format to display handwrap damage.

    Screenshots below to show what I mean.

    How it currently looks for unarmed, and how it should be for all weapons:

    How it looks for everything else:

    Please do this, I beg of you.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have to agree, that would be very helpful. It's fairly annoying to have to open the UI settings and swap between enabled and disabled detailed descriptions to see what my weapon's statistical distribution is (I'm looking at you, green steel ).
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