(Well, I was thinking about what I'd like to do with what is currently a bunch of halfling mostly-rogues on various servers in the "second" slot, and... well, I've been here before, the other thread is still around...)

What I'd like to have is, trap skills, survivability and self-sufficiency (preferably up to soloable), and tactical flexibility (as in able to switch between melee and ranged, preferably).

Dragonmarks would add a lot of the second one.

Now, the dragonmarks do get benefits from positive spellpower, right? Ranger gets plenty of that easily with the new enhancements.

Ranger also has a lot of tactical flexibility and works reasonably well multiclassed with rogue.

So... how to optimize that? Halflings make good dex-based toons, but is there a way for them to get dex to replace str in Bow Strength that rangers get? I mean, int for crossbows & thrown from mechanic/rog 6, or dex for thrown from halfling tree, but not an elf so...

Then, metamagics - Emp Heal would be nice to boost the greater dragonmark, and while at it - do metas work for the DWS Lesser Vigor SLA too? Ranger 8 is a lot but... something like ranger 8, rogue 11, fighter 1? Or forgo the Emp Heal and do Ranger 2 (TWF, and Imp Finesse from DWS tree) to 6, Rogue 13 to 17, and... Wizard 1 for, say, Maximize...?

(Sure, I could also just LR+20 them into Pale Trappers or some such but... doing that with all of them would be boring.)