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    Default Lag?

    So the patch notes said a bunch of things were fixed so there should be less lag, but to be honest I see more now. Since the update I've been stutter stepping all over the place. On my assassin it's kind of annoying because one second I'm next to a guy to kill him and the next I'm not.

    On my loading for the first time of the day it takes even longer now and I sometimes don't even get any of my blue load bar to fill before I get the error message that boots me and before I could change characters once or twice before i got booted (never mind the lag), but now I try and change once and it freezes and I get kicked and the app crashes.

    I appreciate that you considered fixes to things that might cause lag, but I think you missed the mark completely. I know I'm not the only one who gets a crash when they load. I've seen all kinds of fixes and downloads outside of DDO. I don't like downloading untrusted fixes so I've stayed away from them. Can't anyone at DDO see these threads and the issues. Can't they see the fixes that are being implemented outside of your program and understand how they fixed it? Shouldn't you now be able to fix it on your own?

    Can someone from DDO at least recognize the issue and comment on it? Should I be using a third party fix? Are you guys looking into? Will you fix it yourselves soon?

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    Actually for me and the guildies I asked, the lag started already on the weekend before the update, so likely not update related, but..

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