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    Default Looking for a Guild

    My name is Soloartiste. I have spent a considerable amount of time focusing on building my toon, including making him triple completionist and getting him the best gear possible. I am looking for an active and dedicated guild that I can join that plays epic elite content. Although I have somewhat of a negative reputation on the server, most of this is due to misunderstandings. Some years ago I was a significantly different person and this is where a large amount of my reputation has stemmed from. I am a good player and will not make your guild look bad.

    Please let me know through the forums or in game if you have a guild that I can join, and yes, I already know that most of the comments that people leave will be from haters.

    Thank you for your time



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    Hi soloartiste, I'm part of a small 6-12 person guild who runs epic elite all the time. Wouldn't say we are elite in anyway, but do have fun.
    Before I offer an invite we had a few questions about things. Yes, we do know of your reputation as you mentioned. How has it changed? Will drama be brought to our drama llama free guild?
    Also we know your "wife" plays/played alot also. Will she be joining you in guild? Or even in groups? Usually we don't pug, so needed to know about her also as far as groupings would go. Now don't get me wrong, doesn't mean nobody but guild groups since we all do our own things, we just encourage when we on together to play together. You know the saying, "Couple that play together, stay together."

    Guild lvl currently 69 if you care for that type of thing also.

    Reply back with the answers, I'd prefer it that way since other guild members can read it to and I don't have to pass a private message along to them.

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