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    Default Any way to tell what class you took at which level?

    I have a Drow Fighter 12/ Paladin 3 I built when the game first started 7 years ago. I don't remember which level I took paladin. I tried using Fred to see what levels I took feats, but since I have spring attack and Greater TWF I can't tell when I selected dodge, mobility or two weapons fighting so I have levels missing. I know I was all fighter at 3 and was fighter with two levels of paladin at 12.

    I just want to finish out to 20 so I can TR. So no epics or anything else, just finish 5 levels.

    Is there anyway to tell which class I took at a what level?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't know of any other free option than Fred. You could swap away spring attack and GTWF to look deeper.

    An LR +0 would show you the classes as well.
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