Hi I've already submitted a bug report about this, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has come across this glitch in the Enhancement selection window (and to warn other people about it).

Essentially what happened to me was I opened up the enhancement window (via Ctrl+R) and spent my 80pts through several trees. When I hit accept the game went through it's calculations but showed that I had unspent points, though it appeared to still have everything I chose selected. After redistributing those points I hit accept a second time... only to find that some of my previous enhancement selections were missing from my character!

Basically I think this is a visual/GUI bug that makes it appear like all the previous selections were accepted but weren't (for one reason or another). It actually happened to me a second time on another toon, but this time around I simply cleared my selections and started again from scratch.

Basically if you're sure you spent all your points and if you have points left over after clicking accept, I strongly suggest you clear your choices and start over... at the very least it will save you some plat when you re-select after the fact.