First step is admitting you have a problem... welp here we go, I am an Altoholic. With the new enhancement pass my addiction has been fed so I thought I'd share a few of the random builds I am testing out. Not going to give full feat and stat list, I feel like for most of them it is fairly straight forward and also I don't have them fully mapped out on paper yet. Yeah I know, best way to gimp a character, I just haven't had the extra time and I wanted to start trying out ideas right away. So without further ado:

The Machine Gun Sniper:
12 ranger/8 rogue Halfling
This is probably the most fleshed out of my characters as this is the lesser reincarnation epic level arti/rogue. I don't like the combo of the arti rogue enhancements now so I thought I'd change things up. Just like my arti/rogue the idea is use repeaters to get as many sneak attacks down range as possible in a short burst. Deepwood sniper lets you no longer worry about the range too much and adds more sneak attack damage so you don't have to worry so much about the lost level of rogue. I go only 11 in mechanic tree for great xbow and light repeater proficiency and the int based damage, then I take deepwood as far as I can picking up all the special shot abilities. Any left over points went into halfling sneak attack and assassin sneak attack.

How is it working?: So far really well, without endless fusillade it is less bursty but with head shot, leg shot and so forth the damage is generally up. By the time you have gone through all your extra shots the first one is back off cooldown so you go through them again. It is important to remember to tap the attack button between shots to reload otherwise you waste cooldowns. I ended up having an extra feat, I could have probably used it on something else but I took the halfling dragonmark for the versatility.

The Zombie Priest:
17 cleric/3 wizard
I am sure others have already had this idea but I thought I'd post my version of it. I think the enhancements are pretty obvious, you are going 3 wizard to go into zombie form. You pick up necrotic touch for the extra damage early game and necro healing then you go negative energy on the divine disciple. The goal is to be able to be a offensive cleric who can heal both the living and the undead. Being undead yourself you are right at home with a buddy with death aura and when that isn't enough to sustain you guys inflict wounds mass will help.

How is it working?: I only just rolled this one up. It is dominating early levels both solo and duo with a necro pal. Between necrotic touch and cold touch most the mana being used is just for the occasional heal/injuring when an enemy hits hard. But we all know early level dominance is no sign of viability. We shall see how it all works out.

The Friar Tank:
18 cleric/2 monk
The Radiant Servant tree sucks. Yeah aura is still pretty cool but it isn't worth 30ap worth of useless abilities. So what is a clonk to do? Divine Disciple is obviously for caster clerics and your multi-classing has sort of made that less viable. Plus didn't you go clonk to run in and punch things, what is this casting ****? Well then that leaves protection, so why not? One of the points of multi-classing monk is the additional ac from wisdom. With the ki shout intimidating is now possible so lets roll up a cleric tank.

How is it working?: Don't know yet, I gave radiant servant one valiant effort but I really hate that tree. Gonna reincarnate my Horc clonk to try this out later and see how it works. The protection tree really isn't as bad as I thought it was, at least for my purpose. So maybe this could end up being a pretty great tank.

Any comments or advice on these builds is welcome