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    Welcome and this thread has not been updated by the op for over a year now, I think the OP has either forgotten about this or has lost interest in keeping this up to date?
    (Or there wasn't anything added to the game that belongs in this guide according to the OP's ruleset?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightBear View Post
    there wasn't anything added to the game that belongs in this guide according to the OP's ruleset
    Unless I missed something it's this ^^^, Last addition that changed what stat does what was Harper.

    As for my "rule set" it's kind of required otherwise i would just be listing every stat based ability ever...which is almost all of them. This thread is only for abilities that changes an effect from one stat to another (ie. Int boosting Reflex instead of Dex or Cha boosting all saves)

    It's also the same "Rule Set" every PnP X Ability to Y Stat Thread uses.
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    You've got the Stave of the Seer (from Ghola-Fan) listed under Int, as it should be, but it's missing from Wis, where it should also be.
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    I did this little chart up a while ago, doesn't have near as much as you do, though it may be useful
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