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    Default Post U19 X Ability to Y Stat

    So with the advent of U19 and the E-Pass alot of ablities have been shaken up not only because there's a variety of ways to move your to-hit/damage to different stats they actual apply 1.5 boni with 2-handed weapons now and theres even a few clickies that use diff stats for tactics now (ie PDK uses Charisma and Acrobats can use Dex for an AOE trip).

    Str still has the annoying advantage of having alot more abilities (ie Tenser and rage) and magic "types" (ie titans fist) that increase it but the gap has gotten alot smaller so I figured we may as well document what does what

    I'll sort by the stat (ie. Charisma) than by by the ability (ie. Saves) and it's source (ie. Pally 2) and any notes (ie. Stacks)




    Paladin 2 - Adds to All Saves



    Insightful Reflexes (Heroic Feat): Reflex saves

    I'll also add a section at the end for non-stat related stuff like alternative forms of healing and their soruces and maybe stuff like Druid/Monk restrictions/ways to lift these.

    I will be constantly editing the post whilst I go through each class but please feel free to post any corrections or additions after I reserve a few extra posts (just in case)

    Note: I'll be compiling the data first than I'll clean it up afterwards so it will be a bit rough at first , sorry bout that

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