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    Quote Originally Posted by garynash7070 View Post
    I don't throw my two cents in much, but I will now. I think the quests and Storm Horns area is well done. I think for the most part the enhancements give a bit more variety to characters. Here it comes, BUT... Wizards are back to be OP, Monk splashes are the way of the future even more, my Sorc isn't close to what she was. Seems you took the Sorc and switched the Wizard in a major rise in Wizards power. Archmage Necro? Then wielding Shiradi? Holy... well you know what I was gonna add in. Overall, I like the new update, and for the most part they will fix most bugs. Give the Development team a hand for they tried to change things up to revamp a dying game. Don't think they killed it, or added to its demise. Change comes, change happens, it up to us all how we adapt. I like and dislike some things, but change is inevitable. It is up to us, how we adapt. Good job overall. One major complaint though. Fix the pay to win aspect. I run a business and I understand the economics of it all, but I feel being so in your face with it, you lose more revenue than you gain.
    The clickies from archmage for PMs are a huge help. Sorcs still have 1500 more sp and superior spell power. As far as Shiradi goes, it allows PMs to go in Shiradi and use a little necro and alot of Shiradi procs. I was planning to reroll my wiz into a sorc but was happy with the changes. My sorc is still better, but this makes PMs viable again. I hardly used my PM at all since last fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jalont View Post
    When I see a complicated game with lots of combinations where failures can occur be released bug free then I'll agree. Until that happens, I'll just assume it isn't possible and unforeseen things creep up. More important is how quickly these things get fixed.

    is unforeseen? I think it's sloppy.

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