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    Default Need to big time replan my 18 Pal 2 Monk since U19

    My guy went from 1100 hp to 550; 149 ac to 98; 150% fortification to 110%.

    I actually could not find a good way to use the monk enhancement tree. Prior to U19 I had tortoise and wisdom. I lost a lot of toughness enhancements for sure. Prior to U19 I had most, if not all the toughness lines.

    I'm not sure epic feats are working as mine are greyed out so if they are truly off that explains some of it but these are big hits.

    Hopefully those awesome DDO Char Planner devs will have that great tool up soon. Until then I'm going to take some time and work out the details and watch the fourms to see what you guys are coming up with.

    Good Hunting !

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    Default pally/monk

    Pls post ur findings i m having same kinda issues. and will be watching ur thread to see what others have found. hoping to see a

    few more variances as we can now add points in all hotd/kotc and defender, and in some monk and wow wish i was better at

    toon making.

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    Battlehawke is collecting links and has a section for casters:

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