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Thread: Titan Raid!

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    Default Titan Raid!

    I think its time this raid gets the Epic difficulty option. In my opinon The Twlight Forge and The Titan Awakes are are one of the better raids the game has to offer. Unfortunately this raid is dead due to the loot being way out of date and needs either a whole new loot table or the old school way of upgrading items to epic ie. Scroll, Seal, Shard. Hopefully this quest will get an update without one of the alters that "upgrades" an item with a seal like in Neco 2 or Gianthold.

    Just a suggestion
    Thanks for hearing me out.

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    Thumbs up Titan Epic Upgrades

    I like the Scroll, Seal, Shard idea. Boosting the loot table and giving the Gyro Boots a situational bonus to balance would be nice too.

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