I would like to shout out a big thank you to all of you over at turbine! I'm not the kind of guy that usually posts on these forums but after all the increasing hate of the forum trolls and haters I just had to. I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into this game that I love so much. I really really really love the new enhancement system. It's so much better looking, so much more new player friendly! I love all the new options and how easily I can see what the requirements are! I can understand that some people are disappointed about how they lost their old builds, but they have to look at all the new possibilities! Isnt this a game about having almost unlimited ways to build a character, now they have strenghtenth and expanded the possibilities! It makes me love this game more and more, I think you did a wonderful job! Please dont get offended to much by all the haters, remember that there are more people like me, but we're too busy spending time on the game instead of the forums. Don't stop improving the game, we love all the work you put into this game!

p.s. I also think iconic heroes are great even more options!

Good luck! And never forget that you're making people happy