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    Quote Originally Posted by gurgar78 View Post
    . I'm skipping the lackluster slaying arrows
    Lackluster ? Old slayer was ~ 25 dmg per hit, maybe new active ability doesn't makeup for that damage but it's certainly worth it.
    Adrenalined slayer is 5 - 10 k, 12 - 17k with stacked AF, dmg boost and on helpless.
    One shotting EE trash in straight line with IPS. Multiple Slayers with 10k / manyshot.
    Moonbow + Soul Magic give you SP for that.

    It's fantastic change to more active combat imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uncus2 View Post
    I'm hoping someone opens a "DDO Classic" pirate server - I'm letting my subs expire after this ****. This system really messed up most of my characters [mostly mid-level 10-16]: Cleric now sucks as does AA, Archmage lost 2nd line of school concentration, SLAs now cost more SP, ... Just too much change for the worse. Nah, ya can't have my stuff, I'm just going premium instead of subbing - I've got almost 10k TP saved, so I'm not losing much.
    Agreed, canceled subscription as well, just don't like new enh system.

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