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    Default need adivce for a TR paladin life.

    I am looking for advice on a paladin tank build for TR.

    Currently this character is a pure fighter, and has 1 fighter past life and 1 barbarian past life.

    I play this character as a stalwart defender, using bastard swords and shields. High AC and high intim.

    I am hoping to play a similar style as a paladin, but unsure on how to build. Should I go pure paladin? Or multiclass with fighter and maybe other to get more feats?

    Please advise. Thank you
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    Well, feats never hurt a tank and pallies don't get many. Since you only really need 15 levels to get both zeal and cure serious, maybe 16/2/2 pally/fighter/monk? Four extra feats could be quite helpful. (I might suggest scaling back to 15 pally to take 3 monk if you wanted to go handwraps.)

    The pally tank capstone kind of sucks, so no harm no foul skipping it entirely.

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