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Thread: sorcs

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    Quote Originally Posted by hit_fido View Post
    Existing greensteel that I've looked at have all been changed to the higher and non-stacking exceptional bonuses.
    Thanks. Couldn't check.
    Quote Originally Posted by JOTMON View Post
    I don't think you get a choice.. you are Rys's minion..

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    Spellcraft is a class skill for sorc's and that means 23 ranks not 20
    exceptional skills do not stack. Only the highest applies.

    It's just not hard to get some nice spell power boost out of spellcraft and end up with more total spell power than you used to have, trying a little harder to get a little more sounds like a good deal to me.

    If you can't fit 2 clear INT augments and a skill item without sacrificing much of anything you're really bad at gear puzzling. Maybe bring up your setup and have some people help you with it? The amount of multi augment slot items at even level 20-23 is ridiculous. I have characters that have +7 to every single stat just because I don't need those slots for anything better (hint yellow slots are for clear augments, and you do not need disease/poison/blindness augments because there are perfectly good potions available at the start of the game that will get rid of those instantly every time you sip them for the rest of your characters existence).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havok.cry View Post
    My sorc is human, so extra points there. I have tomes, so extra int for + to spellcraft and more skill points there. I can slot a +6 int gem into one of my random colorless slots I have laying around everywhere for a further bonus. With a starting 8 Int on my human sorc here is what my spellcraft and int should be at 28:

    8 base
    5 tome
    3 insightful (yeah I have a place I can slot this)
    6 colorless slot
    2 ship buff
    24 int without significant effort

    20 ranks
    8 epic ranks
    7 int
    2 exceptional int skills
    4 exceptional int skills
    6 exceptional int skills (isn't GS nice stuff)
    47 spellcraft- little effort
    Only highest exceptional bonus works - no stacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hathorian View Post
    The problem is how to get high Spellcraft on a Sorc. Spellcraft is an INT based skill (you'd have to be crazy to invest a lot of points in INT as a Sorc, especially with the drop to HPs) and Sorcs are skill-point starved. I'm thinking there are going to be some very gimp 28/32 point build Sorcs running around....
    do what i did stats in order: 8/8/16/16/8/18

    I got tons of skill points, and my sorc is very powerful now (took the heal skill also cause my heal scrolls are meh now so im relying on my rejuvenation cacoon)
    Ckarlock Alarm (PDK bard 7 fighter 6 rogue 2) life 17
    Dragonbloodz Power (Drow sorc 20/epic 8) life 6
    Sorinsal (Drow rogue 20/epic 5) life 2
    Quote Originally Posted by Memnir View Post
    What I think is OP is anyone who uses implemented game mechanics, standard game features, or their own skill to be more effective in quests then I am - so I then find the time to post complaints about their use of implemented game mechanics, standard game features, or their own skill thus making me OP on the forums.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bridge_Dweller View Post
    Here's a new flash for the people who have not evolved and still play sponge toons: you serve no purpose. it's rude, but it's the truth. Divines are powerful, have been for a long time. They don't need you. If you need them you add no value to the group.

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