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    Default Moar testing.

    I wasn't getting the expected 6x hits on Fists of Iron now that I have more DS, I finally understand why now.

    Apparently, offhand double strike only works if main hand double strikes. So a wolf with 40% main 45% offhand DS really has 40% main 18% offhand. Also, adrenaline only works on next roll, not full alpha strike.For a moment I thought I could get my wolfie to be able to do an 18 second combo roughly on par with my sorc's energy burst. I guess fury is out... probably best...but I wanted more druidy-ness than dw khopeshes in LD.

    Modded build to: 1 ranger 2 monk 17 druid
    Rngr Dilli (helf)/ / TWF(mnk1)/ Dodge1 / EmpH 3/ /Imp. Monk Stance 6 *unlisted lvl 6 min req*/ ITWF 9 / PA(mnk10) / ICB 12/ GTWF 15/ NF 18, 21, 24/ PTWF 26/ Haste 27/ Positive Spell power 28

    10 points in ranger enh. for 75 pos. spell power, 3 reflex, 3 reflex vs traps
    16 points in monk for 10 pos spell power, 5% hamp, 3 reflex, 3 dodge, 1 sneak die + 10% offhand dw
    21 points in HELF for 20% hamp, 10% offhand dw
    33 points in wolf, for alpha strike.

    PA destiny, renewal, flowers, and primal shout twisted
    PA knockdown for 2 seconds on a vorpal hit + super fast attack speed = very nice.
    Sleet storm + knockdown seems like enough CC so far, so I went with dodge since it unlocks enhancement for even more dodge.

    GMOF seems like it also would work since you generate so much ki from hitting so fast. As yet untested.
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