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    Default A couple of things that might work

    Ok, here's a couple of ideas, including restating of earlier ideas:

    (earlier): Allow as many classes as you like, but can't get off the boat til you have no more than 3 classes.

    or... (earlier) Do a blank slate LR - wipe all record of what class at which level, and let the player choose them all until they hit the XP they were at before.

    or... (dirty but shouldn't be hard to code, surely?) Offer the toon another +20 heart at the end of this particular LR which they must use immediately with Kruz's cousin Bruz on the boat, or lose. So the Ranger/monk/fighter can LR to pure fighter and take another LR immediately to go fighter/barb/rogue, and at the end of that they can LR again if they want to try something else. Let them go through iterations until they're happy, and once they decide they're happy with the build, they can get off the boat without the heart.

    or... (earlier) excellent point about the LR being there to correct problems with the build due to the latest patch, not so that we can decide we're tired with our toons and completely change them. That's not what the LR +20 was intended for, was it?

    Just spouting what comes to mind...
    Goe ahed... korekt mah spelin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rull View Post
    Related, an alignment problem.
    Can you use your +20 stone in any way to change a bard into a monk?

    Say I have a 19 bard/1 fighter right now.
    -can i use the heart and take fighter at first level
    -then apply an alignment change (chaotic to lawful)
    -and then level up to 19 monk/1 fighter?
    Nope cant change alignment on ship and even if you could you would have to get rid of all 19 bard levels first


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    So if I understand correctly I cannot change my 17 cleric 3 monk into 13 druid 6 monk 1 rogue?

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    Thumbs down Another disappointing Turbine moment

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    This is definitely something that's been raised (to change the process to put the three-class restriction at the end, rather than during, the process), but unfortunately cracking open reincarnation is a pretty risky task from a development standpoint, with the potential for some serious and numerous halo issues, and a decision was made to not do this at this time. It's possible that reincarnation could be adjusted to work around this current three-class issue in the future.
    This is disappointing to say the least. My 8th life 19th level Arti/Fighter/Wizard build is no longer even remotely viable. At this juncture, it seems the only possible solution is to gimp across the 20th level finish line and TR immediately.

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    Default OK, so if I understand this thread correctly...

    ...if I originally picked Rogue at level 1, Ranger at levels 2-7, Fighter at level 8, Ranger at levels 9-20; I can use the LR+20 to pick Ranger 1-9 and then Barbarian 9-20 with no problem, right?

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