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    Default Bane/Burst gone?

    From the release notes:

    several effects have been removed, including Bane/Greater Bane and Burst effects.
    Is there a reason these iconic weapon enhancements have been removed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicalDad View Post
    From the release notes:

    Is there a reason these iconic weapon enhancements have been removed?
    Seems to me that the effects will just have a single name, rather than lesser/bane/greater and that the same effect has different levels of power, depending on the item level and power of other effects on the same item.
    Much like how the spell enhancing effects work.

    Could be wrong of course, but I would be very surprised if they were just completely taken out of the game.

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    Of course, they forgotten to update crafting.
    Oh wait, not forgotten, they remember to ignore it.

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    Back in the day, I once pulled a Race-Restricted: Halfling, +4 Vorpal Greatsword of Greater Halfling Bane.

    Near as I can figure, either Halfling Rights Activists have been applying pressure on Turbine, or Turbine just hates happy things.
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    Yeah. It's not "we nuked the city from orbit", it's "the city experienced a brief population drop". Check.

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