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    Default 500 PDK favor reward


    What would you like to get ?
    Owy Evoker FvS / Praledric Completionist Qstaff Rogue/Monk/Druid / Laraeph DC Wizard / Laraelph AA Monk/Ranger/Pally / Gaenry Shiradi Sorc/FvS/Wiz / Reasis SWF Pally & numerous others
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    That's utterly unexpected! Wait no, not at all. I get nothing when I amass enough favor for the Twelve.

    Hey at least it's not another unusable pet certificate
    (since you can only have 1 of the same type of pet)

    What would I like? A pet certificate Some differently coloured cube. I have a blue yellow and red. No luck with the purple from CITW Maybe white, or black. Or pokadotted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Zephyr- View Post

    What would you like to get ?
    "Cormyrian Hero's Emblem: [Trinket Slot] Your deeds are legend among the peoples of Cormyr. This Emblem provides a stacking +2% bonus to earned epic experience, a +1 circumstance bonus to all cha-based skills, and can be substituted for any one item of an Eveningstar Set*, allowing you to complete a set with one fewer items."

    *PDK set, War Wizards set, Sun Soul/Villager set, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraphim View Post
    Fly? That would break every quest in the game. You would see folks falling from the sky in Korthos and dying. It would be a rain of newbs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dandonk View Post
    Yeah. It's not "we nuked the city from orbit", it's "the city experienced a brief population drop". Check.

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