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    Default Post Expansion Pure Paladin DPS build?

    I'm looking to may a Paladin that's more focused on keeping damage up, on the premise that his defensive abilities will probably be sufficient if I focus feats towards damage.

    It's also my first TR. I've been gathering gear for a while now, so I've got the works. I'm planning on 2handed.

    Human Paladin:
    Str: 18
    Dex: 8
    Con: 15
    Int: 11
    Wis: 9
    Cha: 14
    34 pts. All +3 Tomes. Levels up into strength.

    Concentration, UMD, Intimidate, with bonus points from the tome going to Balance.

    Level 1: Power attack
    Human: Cleave
    Level 3: Two Handed Fighting
    Level 6: Great Cleave
    Level 9: Improved Critical: Slashing
    Level 12: Improved Two Handed Fighting
    Level 15: Greater Two Handed Fighting
    Level 18:
    Level 21: Overwhelming Critical
    Level 24:
    Level 27:

    I'm not sure what the last few feats would be, but I'm thinking Weapon Focus/Power Critical/Blinding Speed.


    Human Versatility (20% dmg) - 1ap
    Human Adaptibility (1 str) - 2ap
    Human Versatility tier 2 (+4 skills boost) - 1ap (I think this is what the PDF is showing me?)
    Human Adaptibility tier 2 (+1 con) - 2ap
    Improved Recovery tier 2 (10% healing amp) - 4 ap
    Human Fighting Style 3 (6% glancing blow) - 3ap

    Total: 13

    Entire Champion of Good tree: 6ap. Undead at low levels, evil outsiders at high levels.
    Censure Outsiders: 2 ap
    Divine Might 3: 6ap
    Divine Sacrifice 3: 3ap
    Passion 3: 3ap
    Rally 3: 6ap
    Vigor of Life 3: 6ap
    Extra Smite 2: 2ap
    Exalted Smite 3: 6ap
    Holy Retribution 3: 3ap
    Damage Boost 3: 6ap
    Strength 2: 4ap
    Total: 73

    I imagine I should cut some of that --- but without playing with it (I didn't get on Lammaland) I am having trouble seeing precisely what's worth what. Also what should I cherry pick from Sacred Defender?
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    add at least empower healing, so you can twist cocoon in which will be your main source of healing.

    also i think with the expansion you will need the healing skill. maybe drop concentration (you rarely cast during combat) or umd or intimi or just drop 1 point in str for more intelligence.

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