A while back I posted on these forms a build I had been using. It was a 18 rogue/1monk/1ranger wisdom handwrap using build with fury of the wild to get manyshot, stunning fist, and vorpral strikes. That along with the high SA dmg dice and unarmed attack speed lead to some very nice DPS.

Well times are changing and the new enhancement pass comes on Monday. It is time to re-tool starshadows and I'm going to ask the community for assistance.

The things I liked about the previous build was the high amount of damage, the ability to switch between range and melee, and the survivability I got from stunning fist and decent saves. My concern with the current build is mostly centered around handwraps. I feel that handwraps are losing there edge, between perfect twf not working for handwraps, increases in the critical profile of non-handwrap weapons and the every increasing difficulty of landing stunning fist in EE content really marginalizes handwraps usage.

So fellow builders, whats some good suggestions? Should I stick with handwraps and try to get my stunning fist DC into the 65+ range? I could run armed and centered as a monk, or even with a 2 monk splash for saves and feats and ignore being centered. If i stay centered a 3 monk splash can give me dex to damage with bows.

I am a half elf (ick - i know), I have mostly +4 tomes, first life, and access to a few CITW weapons with a 20th completion not to far away. My goals for this toon are good ranged capacity, high dps, and solid survivability - this is all in the context of EE quests.

My thanks!!