I would love to see the introduction of profiles where I could set up an enhancement layout and then save that loadout. Not a lot, maybe 2-3 max. It's frustrating trying to switch from say shiradi to dc wiz or kensai to tank mode while people are waiting in the raid. You should also be able to switch between profiles twice per day instead of the once per 3 days as it is now.

Same thing for EDs and their twists. I think everyone knows what a pain it is to switch your twists every time you need to switch destinies because your party makeup changed. We don't need many of these either. Probably only two to three.

To give VIPs a little bonus both profiles could be loaded while in any city or tavern while Premium/F2P players would have to visit either their class trainer or the fate spinner. This would greatly improve the quality of both the time of players and the gameplay itself since you can switch to the optimum character profile more easily.

I wouldn't expect this to be a free thing but if it was there could be a plat or shard fee for every swap. If it was in the store it could have the fee removed. I think 500-750 would be about the max I would pay for this convenience though.

Thanks for reading!