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    Default Ty Sarlona

    I just wanted to thank all that joined my web and fots raid group in past few months. My goal was to get 120th runs at web and 240th at fot on 6 toons without using any timer-pass which I’ve done now however I still need comms so I probably keep going to 360th at fot if it’s possible and ppl are willing to play this raid.

    Some history:
    I bought the pack at start of Feb and kept on playing fixed group until I started to pug at end of may cause most my friends quit the game during summer time but in this way I gained some new friends and helped a few noobs on the way as well ?. I also wanted to put similar post at forum when I get to my 360th at tod and shroud but I never got to those goals since still missing 22 runs at shroud and 38 at tod but if I ever get time I’ll get there eventually.

    Here some statically achievements on my 6 toons:
    FOT -> first 120th runs was on hard with no exceptions at fot, no matter the cost either. When I started to pug I realized it’s not possible to maintain the hard runs so I started to be a little bit picky at start. Even I hate ppl that are picky I became one myself but after a while I changed my directions to not accept any barbs and anonymous however saying that I still picked a few barbs that were decent to my runs.

    3 failed runs at normal
    14 failed runs at hard
    3 failed runs at elite

    Best runs ->
    Normal: 8 min
    Hard: 11 min
    Elite 96 min

    WEB -> first 5 runs on each toon was on hard then I tried one elite on each toon before going to normal runs
    1 failed elite runs
    3 failed hard runs
    0 failed normal runs (only done 6 runs on 6 toons, that’s why its 0)

    Best runs ->
    Normal: 36 min
    Hard 51 min
    Elite 160 min (with lots of breaks, lol)

    Tips ->
    550+ hp for hard (casters)
    850+ melees
    Energy sheath (electrical)
    One item for electrical absorption (use crafted items or ring of djinn)
    Always best EDs for raids. It’s not XP quests however I am not that picky about that unless it’s hard runs.

    I just wanted to give some tips to ppl that don’t qualify to play raids. If u are barbs try builds from wiki or I have two guildies that are probably the best barbs in the game. Called jurkston and Oxnardo. Just check their builds for further improvements or if u are caster and yet ur using melee weps then reroll it to something else. Once u get in ppl’s radar that u are not good enough to do ur simple job at dpsing or staying alive then u won’t get invited to the raids anymore. I have no problem to have many pallys in the my groups even ur dps is slow at least u don’t die with one boom like barbs

    My mains are batghost (pally), batmage (cleric) + 4 more toons all start with bat
    Thank you all for joining my groups and if I have time I will put those lfms up to help most of u.
    Special thanks to my friends, galagil, atomech, drmusics and whole brownie channel.

    Some pics from shrouds, web and fot

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    A minor guide for the FOT

    East wall, start position where u buff

    First part:

    1. One kites conf dragon rest kills lies
    2. Kill conf while one kites the truthfull one
    3. Kill silence
    4. Destroy crystal

    Second part starts:
    1. One tanks SR, self-healing is preferred
    2. One tanks truthfull one
    3. One kites undead dragons

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    I hope you got all the various loot you wanted in all those runs, and on the characters you wanted it for!

    Glad to help in a few of them, too!

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    Hey Bat!

    I had a great time running with you in each and every FoT and Web, failures included!

    Thank you for the good times.

    Safe travels friend and may we Quest together again real soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by hsinclair
    I heard the devs hate all wizards, bards, clerics, fighters, and fuzzy bunnies and only want us to play halfling barbarian/paladin shuriken specialists!

    It's totally true, I have a reliable source. You better reroll now.
    Adventurer, Bug Reporter, Mournlander.

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    Great job Bat. You not only execute great runs, you teach people what roles are needed and give people the opportunity to fill those roles even if it is new to them.

    I've enjoyed your raids and I even remember the 8 min FOT.

    Keep up the great work!
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    I usually dont come to forum unless for buying/selling stuff but ty for the responses.

    I have to mention a few great runs at fot, one was the other day with no healers, a byoh runs and only 12 deaths and it took 10 min at normal. Another one was when I was lured to heal my first soloheal at hard which I had to use 12 pots and it took 26min. My second soloheal run went much better with no melees and only used 3 pots. and it took 13min.

    Another fun run was at hard with 6 clerics and 3 fvs and most of us were keep on laughing since none of us was trying to heal the melees and they kept on dying, haha…one of the melees left at end without saying anything the other one was complaining some but he was laughing with us at the end but the last melee squelched all the healers (me included) he said at end of the raid. “U are by far the worse endgame healers in the game”

    I just hope he didn’t rage quit the game while we were having fun, lol

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    Default Kudos

    Enjoyed all the ones I was in man. That's a heck of a lot of Fot/Web.
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