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    Default DDO cuts out all other sound.

    Whenever I start DDO, it cuts out all other sound, including youtube videos, and spotify. But the moment I shut down DDO. The sound returns.

    How do i fix this because I like ot listen to music while I play. this JUST started happening.

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    Assuming you are on Windows Vista or 7, they allow an application to take exclusive control of your sound card; this allows for lower latancies, but prevents other programs from playing sound simultaneously.

    To disable this, right-click the volume icon in the system stray, and select "Playback Devices". In the window that opens, double-click on your speakers in the list, then click the "Advanced" tab in the new window that pops up. Clear the tick from the "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" option, and OK back out. Repeat for your headphones if you use them, and hopefully you should be set.

    Edit: Back to the drawing board... I've just tried playing music from VLC and firing DDO up and I could hear both fine, with the exclusive mode enabled. Hmmm....
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    gypsythief, thanks I had the same issue

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