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    Default The Planecaller Experiment

    Hey Everyone! I'm here to report a little experiment that we did in our guild ship yesterday.

    Following a suggestion from the ever friendly Chuckybear, I swapped the positions two of our ship crew members - The Twelve Planescaller and the Scholar of the Twelve. Here are the results:

    - Most people didn't read what the person in twelve robes was saying and got teleported to amrath by mistake at least once.

    - One of our officers, who was listening to the discussion while we set the trap up, got teleported to amrath in the first five minutes.

    - A non-guildie shouted "WHY WOULD YOU PUT A PLANESCALLER IN THERE" over voice chat while buffing before a raid.

    - Many guild members got teleported multiple times. - They had made the mistake before, came back to the ship, and did it again.

    - I forgot about the swap and got teleported by mistake. So did the officer who helped me set the trap up.

    "OK Kmn, we got it, you trolled your guildies and yourself. Why does that matter?"

    Well... there is an evil little button being added to your chests this monday:

    I wonder how many people will click on that thing by mistake and watch their loot being rerolled and their astrral shards being drained from their account with no way to undo it. This is the most evil thing I have seen Turbine push on us players since the offer wall.

    If you are an officer in your guild, set this up and see what happens.

    If you are member of my guild and got caught in our little experiment - I hope you found it funny and took the lesson of reading what you are clicking through to heart. It's better to waste a minute or two today than to lose your money or your rare loot on the next week.
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    There was a guild on Gland that had (and maybe still has) the Planescaller as the first person you meet when you tele onto the ship. When they use to invite me, I think 2/3s of the time I ended up on Amrath.

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    We put our planescaller as 1st person down the ladder. So much fun ;P.

    As for the re-roll button I expect many griefing when people want to re-roll but got passed something so they can't anymore.
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