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    Default Spells on darkness are still suck

    1 Tier SLAs
    Chile Touch: ML 5, Touch.
    Nimbus of Light: NO ML, Ranged.

    3 Tier SLAs
    Necrotic Bolt: no ML but... no metamagic... what?
    Searing Light: ML 10, can be with metamagic. I'd like to use this than Necrotic Bolt even if it has ML.

    4 Tier SLAs
    Negative Burst: not really bad... but It's something bad still. You should apporach enemies to use this... ok, ok. It's better than Unholy Blight surely.
    Holy Smite: lots in the game are evil and it works well... even if alignment type spells are suck, but better than Darkness.

    5 Tier SLAs
    Mass, Inflict moderate: It has similar damage with Negative Burst.
    Flame Strike: ML 15, but It's 1.5 times powerful than Inflict above.

    6 New Spells
    Enervation: I'm not sure about this.
    Sun Bolt: no need to say!

    12 New Spells
    Necrotic Ray: most good in the darkness.
    Sun Beam: a bit weak than Necrotic Ray, but We have lots good already.

    18 New Spells
    Power word stun: who uses this?
    Sunburst: good for enemies, much good for ooze and undead!

    If this released with these, nobody would use darkness.
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