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    Default Still annoyed with new NPCs

    I just don't understand the deal with all these Wheloon NPCs in Eveningstar. It's very annoying to me and confusing for new players. Delete them please! They do nothing for anyone but extra pixels to load. Nobody is too stupid to travel to Wheloon if they want to pick up the quests for that location. Nobody has had any trouble finding quest givers before I don't understand why all of a sudden we need extra NPCs everywhere.

    Secondly, the two new chains each have an NPC who starts the quest arch and he is behaving correctly with the little multi-chalice icon above his head which starts as yellow and turns blue once completed. (congratulations! you got that part right!) but they each have a little sidekick standing next to them with a little chalice above their head. Delete them immediately! They have no quest for me, they always say the same thing, and their chalice is always yellow as if they have a quest for me. Again, more useless NPCs clogging up the streets.

    If I complete every quest in a zone I should see ZERO yellow checks, chalices or anything on my map. That's how it is in every zone in the game except these 2 useless mouth-breathers.

    Elminster is another one guilty of this crime. Oh I have to collect my Caught in the Web reward? NO! Why is there a yellow check on my map for all eternity?!!
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