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    Default Character constantly stuck in the middle of quests

    I've read a few topics about people being stuck every now and then, but this seems different.

    I was running an Acid Wit on my cleric, when I see my character stuck. All the others in the party went ahead of me killing trogs, but I couln't move (altough I could jump in place, rotate myself and attack). I tried the /stuck command, and it teleported me a few meters to the side. But still stuck. So I warned the party: please wait for me, I'll brb to re-log. I quit DDO, launched the game again, logged on my cleric, and all ok. Great. Move on.

    A few hours later, in the same day, on the same cleric, I was running on Lords of Dust, wh... e... n... Stuck again. I didn't even tried the /stuck command, was straight to windows desktop, and re-opened DDO again.

    On either situations, I did not see a single yellow connection icon. Network-related lag was quite ok, I don't use to have too much problems on that matter. But graphic lag, altough my computer is a decent machine and most graphic options are not maximized (advanced details and eye-candy bells and whistles are all turned off), I've been having lots of graphic lag. I run in a direction, only to see my character run against a wall, and me thinking I was running the other way.

    Today, when I was stuck in these two quests, I remember it was in the middle of some fights with everybody all mixed up, waving axes, spells and kicks were everywhere in my screen, in both cases. When everybody finished killing, I saw my character stuck, and the other players running away.

    This has happened before, but only today it was 2 times in the same day.

    Is this normal? (not that I think it is, but...)
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    Sounds like a you might be having trouble with Awesomomium. Just a guess mind you, but it can basically cause that kind of lag when the program over-proliferates. Check your task manager next time and see if killing off the processes doesn't help.

    Oh, if you do that, don't try to open the store or the in-game browser or the client will crash.

    Best of luck,
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