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    Default Leadership Feat

    While I would be the first to say, this is not really needed in the game, I think it would be a pretty cool addition. Here is my Idea:


    level 7 like pnp, or taking a page from augment summon, and remove the prereqs entirely.

    Active clickie ability. Multiple selector. Allows you to summon any one hireling who's level matches your own (maybe one level lower or something if balance is an issue here). Summonable anywhere in dungeon, like gold seal. Hireling stays around to do one job (sticks around for about a minute or two), then leaves till you call them again.

    Cooldown: I was thinking 5 or ten minutes.

    Anyway, let me know what you think.
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    it will be better if you can create a permanet hireling chosing his/her clases habilitys and behavior even if you have to use a contract to invoque him/her

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    Quote Originally Posted by ark_lionheart View Post
    it will be better if you can create a permanet hireling chosing his/her clases habilitys and behavior even if you have to use a contract to invoque him/her
    I can hear the coffers of Turbine giggling in joy, and the wallets of many wailing in agony.

    I agree with the idea, if only because it's the only way to justify the Leadership feat: a custom hireling summoned through a special contract. The ability to summon any hireling is basically what Gold Seal offers, not to mention the ease of summoning and the ability to form a party with them.

    However, the Leadership feat in PnP stinks of cheese, if only because you have a second character under your control, that doesn't take from your XP, and that while it shares your resources you can simply build it so that it doesn't spend much of yours, or actually generates resources. Thus, it's on a case-by-case basis, and way too strong for a feat. Same with Wild Cohort.

    Thus, I suspect that, if for some reason Turbine approves of the idea, it'll definitely be reserved for VIP. You might be capable of buying it on the DDO Store, but only once per character (basically, you'd buy the "Blank Contract"/"Cohort Papers" item), while every VIP character would automatically gain access to it. Perhaps the "Blank Contract" is tied to a setting that requires a separate purchase (but is free to access for VIPs), and has to be purchased separately (thus, it's slightly more beneficial for VIPs because they can purchase it with their monthly allowance). I'd say it'd allow for maximum revenue. Perhaps they might do special Creature Companions a la Gwenwhyvar-esque Onyx Panther or Owlbear Defender companions, as Wild Cohorts. And maybe an Undead or Dragon Cohort for a bit extra.

    Hence, the gnashing and wailing of Premium players and the "ka-chings" of Turbine.

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