I recently got an idea to implement a broker dealing with raid loot. The recent raids have had items dropping that are bound to character and sometimes an item is undesired by the raid party and is looted by someone who doesn't actually need it and just ends up vendoring it.

So my suggestion would be to allow you to sell your bound to character raid loot to an NPC broker for a nice amount of plat to make it worth selling to this guy in the first place (but still not enough to keep the item rather than passing it on in the raid party if someone else has a need or desire for the item). Secondly the NPC broker should set this item for sale at a random point between 6 and 24 hours, so you can't intentionally sell it and buy it on an alt to pass the loot between own characters, effectively making the loot BtA.

Buying the item from the broker should cost 2 Commendations of Heroism and require at least one completion in the raid on the character buying it. For automatically upgraded loot from the different settings of the Fall of Truth the upgrade cost should be added to the price.

The reason you shouldn't get a Commendation of Heroism for selling to the broker is because it would make it worth more than passing it on to another character of the raid group you were in.

Of course this system would require players to respect the needs of others if you are in possession of a piece of raid loot that is undesired. While this system is not completely jerk proof I still think it could allow some casual players to get a piece of raid loot at which they wouldn't have many chances otherwise.

I just don't like looting BtC gear, knowing that someone really desires it, but just didn't happen to be in the same raid party in which it dropped. But also they need to have shown some dedication or effort towards getting it.