I stopped playing much a coupla years ago 'cos life took over. Only for a few months.
I came back to find out that all the +x items I had banked were worthless because now you could get the same stat/skill bonus 2 levels earlier.
If this 'new' system is simply taking things back to the 'old' levels then we can call it a nuisance, an annoyance, a pain in the a**e, but we cannot say it's unreasonable. It's more DnD and it's what we had for 5 years b4.

As to the old Risia bits adding - that will hit me hard ... but it's hardly char breaking, let alone game breaking.

The next few weeks are gonna be so full of d00m, fanboi, genius & mentallist threads 'n builds that for good or bad, this topic will disappear. Save the grouch - totally valid as it is - till a time when it will get noticed!

Meantime, start checking those TR caches on your alts - could be a goldmine!