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    Default Weird Eveningstar Bug

    Posting this cause I'm just curious as to whether it's only happening to me, or if other people have experienced it:

    I am spirit-bound in the Eveningstar tavern, the Lonesome Tankard. I took my first ever trip out into the King's Forest, and, well, I died. So I Released, and ended up in the Ball and Chain tavern in Wheloon.


    Yeah mm-hmm that's what I thought at first. That maybe I mistakenly just thought I was bound in Eveningstar. So I went back to Eveningstar, made sure I bound my spirit at the tavern there, and went about my merry way.

    Well then I was doing the "Overgrowth" quest, and, well, I died. So I released, and again I wound up in the Ball and Chain tavern in Wheloon. So I made the trip back to Eveningstar, talked to the spirit binder in the Lonesome Tankard again, bound my spirit there, then went back through the portal to Eberron, ran some small errands there, came back to Eveningstar, And attempted "Outbreak" again.

    And, well, I died. So I released, and I wound up in.....

    Yeah. So I filed a bug report.....

    Is this happening to anyone else?
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