As the founder of Blind Rascals (Khyber), I let here the invite to all easygoing players, both casual and more dedicated ones. By this time we are around Lv. 20 and gathering characters of any kind.

Our goal is to support ourselves by grouping up, like any guild. By easygoing, was meant "no stress", we surely don't discriminate players or char's by any distinction or knowledge or even account type (free/vip). We all must have fun, by looting and raiding >:]

New to DDO? Join and learn!

Casual player? Come aboard and just say hi once in awhile... and leech, because we will get rich anyways!

Veteran? Come on in, you're not the only one. Share your knowledge with the new recruits and get renown and be famous.

Free account? V.i.p.? Shut up and play. With us, guildies Let's get big!

Any questions, just mail me, Tocaia.
(once again, we are in Khyber!)