This isn't a bug so much as a major design gaffe that I haven't been able to address anywhere else.

With the enhancement pass, all lower Void Strike attacks appear to be gone, replaced by a single Void Strike, with the same effect as IV live but only at the higher end of the Henshin tree.

This means that no Shintao or Ninja can use their special Level 10 finishers that are granted, ever, without throwing a sizeable number of otherwise wasted points into the prerequisites for the new Void Strike, which requires Level 12 to use.

Many Ninjas appreciated the charming effect of Curse of the Void, although the usefulness of Moment of Clarity is still a matter of taste.

To resolve without wrecking what larger bug work has to be done, can a Lesser Void Strike be added as a trainable feat for Monks at level 1 so that these finishers can work?

On a similar note but of lesser weight: Can Dance of the Water Strider be reinstated as a trainable feat for Dark path Monks as well at level 12? It still has many tactical uses.