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couldnt i just lvl the character in this order to try it out cause if need be i guess i could just TR again and get PL rogue... again... -.- ... the lvl order would go 6 ranger right off the start --> then to 2 pally to folow it up now if it will let me i'll take 6 monk lvls foloing that... if it lets me do that then just take the 6 more range lvls... if it doesnt work that way i would just lvl the final 12 lvls back to rogue and play a rogue AA for a while then TR into my ranger pally monk...
The problem with that I think is that the game would view it as:
1 Ranger
6 Ranger
7 Pally
8 Pally
9 -MONK MERG ERROR 4 Classes freakout.
because it thinks the rest of your character is:
10 Rogue
20 Rogue

So you couldn't take that first Monk level. But, as Unacceptable posted, if you're happy to use a +3 Lesser Heart instead of a +1, you could do this with your LR +20:
1 Ranger
8 Ranger
9 Monk
15 Monk
16 Ranger
20 Ranger

Then use the LR +3 Heart to change the 8 Ranger / 12 Monk build, and swap your level 7 Ranger class to Paladin and your level 8 Ranger class to Paladin.
So you end up with the split and levels you want.