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    Default Wyrm-wrought crit profiles one last try.

    Going to bring this up one more time, going to add a bit of math in hope it brings the issue to the for front, and convinces the dev's to play with the weapons crit profiles just a bit.

    In ddo the crit profile of a weapon acts as a multiplier this means that by looking at a weapons crit profile you can tell if a weapon will be ~10%, 20%, 30% or more; better then another weapons.

    Here is math to illustrate how this work. Lets look at 3 weapons Morningstar, Longsword, and Battleaxe for this example we are assuming the correct Improved Critical feat for the weapon and that the player only misses on a roll of 1

    Morningstar (20/x2 profile 19-20/x2 with IC)
    0.85(4.5 + x) 0.10(2)(4.5 + x)
    0.85(4.5 + x) + 0.20(4.5 + x)
    1.05(4.5 + x)
    Longsword (19-20/x2 profile 17-20/x2 with IC)
    0.75(4.5 + x) + 0.20(2)(4.5 + x)
    0.75(4.5 + x) + 0.40(4.5 + x)
    1.15(4.5 + x) 
    Battleaxe (20/x3 profile 19-20/x3 with IC)
    0.85(4.5 + x) + 0.10(3)(4.5 + x)
    0.85(4.5 + x) + 0.30(4.5 + x)
    1.15(4.5 + x)
    As you can see the equations for the Longsword and Battleaxe resolve to 1.15x this means that these 2 crit profiles are roughly equivalent and the expected damage per hit from both weapons is equal. However the Morningstar resolves to the equation 1.05x this means that the Longsword and Battleaxe are ~10% better then the Morningstar.

    Now lets look at the better base crit profiles namely the once on the Scimitar (18-20/x2), Pick (20/x4) and the one on the Khopesh (19-20/x3)

    Scimitar (18-20/x2 profile 15-20/x2 with IC)
    0.65(3.5 + x) + 0.30(2)(3.5 + x)
    0.65(3.5 + x) + 0.60(3.5 + x)
    1.25(3.5 + x)
    Pick (20/x4 profile 19-20/x4 with IC)
    0.85(3.5 + x) + 0.10(4)(3.5 + x)
    0.85(3.5 + x) + 0.40(3.5 + x)
    1.25(3.5 + x)
    Khopesh (19-20/x3 profile 17-20/x3 with IC)
    0.75(4.5 + x) + 0.20(3)(4.5 + x)
    0.75(4.5 + x) + 0.60(4.5 + x)
    1.35(4.5 + x)
    As you can see the Khopesh resolves to 1.35x this means that it is 10% better then the Scimitar, or Pick which resolve to 1.25x and is a huge 30% better then the Morningstar this means that using a Khopesh is the equivalent to using a Morningstar with permanent 30% damage boost that is a huge different.

    Finally lets look at the best crit profile in the game found on Balizarde and Epic Sword of Shadows 18-20/x3

    Balaizard (18-20/x3 profile 15-20/x3)
    0.65(4.5 + x) + 0.30(3)(4.5 + x)
    0.65(4.5 + x) + 0.90(4.5 + x)
    1.55(4.5 + x)
    That resolves to 1.55x that's 20% better then the Khopesh. That is a rather massive difference, but we are just looking at this as a point of reference we dont need to take the Wyrm-wrought this high.

    As the math shows a weapons crit profile can make a weapon or brake a weapon any weapon that simply has a 1.05x (20/x2) profile is garbage when compared to a 1.25x (18-20/x2).

    Please consider standardizing the weapons for the Wyrm-wrought crafted around the 1.25x and 1.35x crit profiles if you leave weapons with their base profiles you will recreate the days of the Shroud where the only weapons any one ever makes are Scimitars, Rapiers, Falchons, and Khopesh.

    The following is my suggestion for how to change the weapons.
    Club              1d6 20/x2         1d6 18-20/x2
    Greatclub         1d10 20/x2        1d10 18-20/x2
    Heavy mace        1d8 20/x2         1d8 18-20/x2
    Light hammer      1d4 20/x2         1d4 19-20/x3
    Light mace        1d6 20/x2         1d6 18-20/x2
    Maul              1d10 20/x3        1d10 19-20/x3
    Morningstar       1d8 20/x2         1d8 19-20/x3
    Quarterstaff      1d6 20/x2         1d6 18-20/x2
    Unarmed           1d3 20/x2         N/A
    Warhammer         1d8 20/x3         1d8 19-20/x3
    Dagger            1d4 19-20/x2      1d4 18-20/x2
    Heavy pick        1d6 20/x4         1d4 20/x5 
    Light pick        1d4 20/x4         1d4 20/x5
    Rapier            1d6 18-20/x2	    1d8 18-20/x2
    Shortsword        1d6 19-20/x2      1d6 18-20/x2
    Bastard sword     1d10 19-20/x2     1.5[1d12] 18-20/x2
    Battleaxe         1d8 20/x3         1d8 19-20/x3
    Dwarven axe       1d10 20/x3        1.5[1d12] 19-20/x3
    Falchion          2d4 18-20/x2      2d6 18-20/x2
    Greataxe          1d12 20/x3        1d12 19-20/x3
    Greatsword        2d6 19-20/x2      2d6 18-20/x2
    Handaxe           1d6 20/x3         1d6 19-20/x3
    Kama              1d6 20/x2         1d6 19-20/x3
    Khopesh           1d8 19-20/x3      1.5[1d12] 19-20/x3
    Kukri             1d4 18-20/x2      1d6 18-20/x2
    Longsword         1d8 19-20/x2      1d8 18-20/x2
    Scimitar          1d6 18-20/x2      1d8 18-20/x2
    Sickle            1d6 20/x2         1d6 18-20/x2
    Great xbow        2d8 18-20/x2      1.5[2d10] 18-20/x2
    Heavy xbow        1d10 19-20/x2     1d10 18-20/x2
    Light xbow        1d8 19-20/x2      1d8 19-20/x2
    Longbow           1d8 20/x3         1d8 19-20/x3
    Repeating H. xbow 1d10 19-20/x2     1d10 18-20/x2
    Repeating L. xbow 1d8 19-20/x2      1d8 18-20/x2
    Shortbow          1d6 20/x3         1d6 19-20/x3
    Dart              1d4 20/x2         1d4 18-20/x2
    Shuriken          1d2 20/x2         1d2 18-20/x2
    Throwing Axe      1d6 20/x2         1d6 18-20/x2
    Throwing Dagger   1d4 19-20/x2      1d4 18-20/x2
    Throwing Hammer   1d4 20/x2         1d4 18-20/x2

    I understand that some weapons have destiny and class enhancements that help bring them closer to the 1.25x or the 1.35x profiles, however not all weapons have this enhancements and not all players are in the right trees or destiny to take advantage of these enhancements.

    Changing the base profiles on these weapons to be either 1.25x or 1.35x will not take crit damage out of the current range the 1.55x is still 20% grater then the 1.35x, nor will it make this weapons 100% superior to the current crop of best weapons.

    What it will do is create a balance between the all of the weapons that can be crafted and remove the clear favoritism that the Khopesh, Scimitar, Rapier and Falchion now have.
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