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Thread: Occult Slayer?

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    Default Occult Slayer?

    So...I've always loathed FB.

    Is it now possible for me to play a more Dungeons & Dragons Style Barbarian?

    Or is Occult Slayer going to become another Deepwood Sniper, Acrobat, Virtuoso or Hunter of the Dead and looked down on as a Flavour Build or Intentional Gimpage?

    Am I going to be able to go fully into Occult Slayer as a Pure Barb or as a Barb/Ranger Multiclass say?
    Am I going to be forced into taking Frenzies etc. from the FB Tree?

    Unable to get onto Lama to test things out and would prefer to get my information in one specifiic thread {this one} rather than dredge the forums and possibly miss something important.

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    When I read over the Occult Slayer enhancements "Tank" is the word that comes to mind. Will be pretty nice against most raid bosses, especially ones that cast spells. Don't think it will compete for king of DPS, but I haven't run numbers.
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    When there are casters casting at you, occult slayer should be quite effective.
    When there are no casters it loses much of its utility.
    When casters aren't casting at you it loses much of its damage.
    Stunning casters would be more effective anyway.
    To maximize your DPS you should leave casters alive, to survive you should kill them first.
    My biggest fear is it's another thematic and flavour class.

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