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    Default In before the pass

    So, I felt like trying to solo Epic Elite Bargain of Blood with my current Acrobat, before the changes to the enhancements come out.
    The build is very fun and very solid, however my gearing is still somewhat mediocre. Healed only with scrolls and used nothing but melee in combat, using Fury of the Wild destiny.
    The reason for the many monk levels is because I wanted the past life, but also wanted to play at cap for a while with the build. I still prefer more rogue levels on my Acrobat, but I'm not quite sure what I'll go for with my final build yet.

    Soloing EE was fun, knowing that only a slight mistake can kill you, so I might try it more often. I have also soloed EE Impossible Demands, but that barely counts. Other than that I haven't actually tried EEs on my own.

    Hope it inspires people to try out an acrobat, as there aren't too many out there.

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