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    Default Questions about high end raid healing, specifically mass heal (Post enhancement pass)

    While on lamania during the open beta and trying to work through the possibilities for NovaSoul 2.0, I keep finding myself wanting to do a double splash.

    The cost would be steep. It would take away level 9 spells and wings when not inside the Exalted Angel destiny.

    Truth is though, when I'm not grinding epic destiny experience (YUCK!).... I'm either in Exalted angel, or I'm raid healing. But I don't have time to raid very often. My experience outside shroud seems to be that the new world of raid healing involves moving to stay alive and spot healing individuals rather than a mass heal chain. For shroud healing, divine wrath means that every 15 seconds everyone in range is at max hitpoints. In the past, I had used a mass heal about half way through the divine wrath cooldown to keep everyone up. I think a mass cure would work just fine for that raid. I'm more worried about the newer raids because I don't raid much, and I pug when I do... so to double check my facts, I wanted to ask:

    Is mass heal important to raid healing in the present game? Is there still a strong bias against 3 or 4 level splashes being accepted as raid healers?

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    I rarely ever cast mass heal (or single heals for that matter) on my FvS anymore. It's just way too expensive when you compare it to Divine Wrath and Renewal (if needed). If melees can't stay alive for the 15 seconds it takes for Divine Wrath to come off timer, with the occasional Renewal thrown in, there will be a lesson to be learned.Although it's funny you mention Shroud, since it's probably the one raid where at least one person should have Mass Heal, to cure Harry's constant poison spam.
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    I've been running a 2-level splashed FvS through raid healing with no Mass Heal for two years without problems. The only sacrifice I've made to accommodate it is ensuring I have reasonable SP (Mass Cures are not SP efficient, and I don't run EA very much anymore) and taking Mass Cure Critical in one of my 8 slots.

    The raid situation at present for healers breaks down to this:

    Shroud - anything should work here

    eVon 6 - still a stand in a cluster and beat on her raid, but again Mass Cures easily handle EH, and could probably service EE. Divine Wrath makes it much easier

    eLOB - not run in a while, but the party shouldn't be taking huge amounts of damage when grouped up

    CitW - mass healing is useful for Lolth beatdowns, but most of the raid is single target / group mop up

    FoT - this raid is 80% single-target healing in my experience, especially as ranged toons grow ever more popular.

    I wouldn't worry about dropping Mass Heal, my only concern with a double dip is whether you'll gain enough SP and positive spellpower to make other healing spells work.

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