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    Are you just building Enhancements manually, or has someone updated one of the builders yet?
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    I've always used spreadsheets for crafting builds, especially enhancements. I need to be able to see them all at a glance and easily re-order them. Only when I finish a build do I plug it into the planner both as a verification that I didn't mess up any prereqs and for easy formatting for the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    I've always used spreadsheets for crafting builds, especially enhancements.
    I'm curious, how do you place enhancements in a spreadsheet? (Never spent much time with them)
    Char planner is frustrating in regards to a build, unless you post it on forums. Most of mine stay with me, simply because most people don't want a melee cleric build
    The issue with using notepad (computer or paper version) is enhancements are quite awkward. Requires me not getting distracted, which is quite hard. (50 kg dog and a 3 year old brother to drive me insane).

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    I posted full details on how I use a spreadsheet for enhancements here.

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