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    Quote Originally Posted by monkolous100 View Post
    it's nice u where able to find nice deals but keep in mind that there is now a set number of items with slots. Also the really sought after will be belts and necklaces. keep in mind though as they are bought and sold and used that existing number will dwindle at that point i imagine ppl would part with their globe of true blood b4 a lrg slotted item. time will pass and eventually they will be come as rare as a ml 8 greensteel min2
    Don't tell anyone but at night, when I'm all by myself i get into bed with all my LGS items and i roll around with them in ecstasy thinking of when that day will come.

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    Default allow me

    Let me be a diplomat in this situation.

    YOU ARE INSANE (and greedy lol) if you think anyone will pay those prices for ur large slot items.

    i do hope i clarified some things for you,

    thank you, come again.

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    I have all of these as well. I will match any price the OP offers (e.g., 2 for one otto box) or add in 4 million plat. Thanks

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    sale closed boxes gone ty for ur views

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurean430 View Post
    I think that's because there were many of us trying to figure out if you were actually serious.

    That's why I was there !
    " Elize Ryd - Officer @ Band of Gypsys "

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    Damn I didn't realize I was sitting on such a gold mine.........if I could get the $ value of the ottos box for my meager stash of LGS items I could easily afford me 2 or more vacations to fiji or the gold coast.

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    Hillarous... what a flame fest... And in your opinion selling EE tor helms for 500-1000 shards is normal? Or pre u19 trading EE dream visor (witch never stacked with a ship buff) for an otto box was never considered outrageos by you forum folk? That's all stuff that drops every 3-4 run in GH...

    I realise you all have your LGS, so do i... Would i sell them for any of this available on demand EE **** that will become useless after next update? No way, and neither would you. So move along and let this guy make his trades.
    NESALOMLJIVI, Thelanis

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