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    Default WTT Globes of True Imperial Blood and Draconic Soul Gem

    I have 4x Globes of True Imperial Blood. I'm looking to trade for things that do not drop in game. Such as..

    *Legendary Upgrade codes
    XPac codes
    Ottos Boxes

    I also have a 1x Draconic Soul Gem augment. I haven't yet decided if I'll be using it or trade it for a possible offer I can't refuse.
    A considered option may be to trade for an alt account with a lvl 20 or better toon, preferably a healer or druid.

    I also have to offer:

    EE Blue Dragon Helm +3 INT
    EE Blue Dragon Helm +8 Cha
    EE Black Dragon Helm +3 Dex
    EE Black Dragon Helm +3 CON
    +4 tomes strength dexterity constitution
    +3 greater heart of the wood
    Various Seal of House Dunrobar rings
    Various Planar focus of subterfuge
    Maybe other epic items I didnt bother to list
    Flawless Black Dragon Scales

    Send me PM with your offer and a couple of days to consider it. Do not expect a reply to posts. Thank you for looking.

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    Cool PM sent..;-)

    PM sent....



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