One of the main grievances on the new system is higher tiers requiring fixed number of points spent in tree. Under the existing (soon to be old) system, AP requirements were total AP spent - i.e. Ranger Tempest III required 66 AP spent. Only the core abilities should be based on points spent in tree. You can still restrict certain tier enhancements with class, feat and prerequisite enhancements as well as total AP spent. But many enhancements previously available at a certain level can now only be taken after a certain number of often undesired enhancements are taken. For example Human Improved Recovery II only required 16 AP spent on anything, but now requires a lot of AP spent in exclusively in the human tree. This points-spent-in-tree system also hampers the racial PRE system. Until now, an elf or half-elf could be full class PRE and full AA PRE. Now, not only is one or the other tier 5 blocked, but tree AP minimums prevent seriously following the racial AA PRE without cutting back heavy on the class tree. Eventually (we hope) other racial PRE's will be out as well - and hampered the same way. While too late for this update, in a future update (maybe the one with new racial PRE's) consider basing racial and all non-core class enhancements on total AP spent.