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    Default Quick thanks for the QA devchat yesterday.

    Just a quick thanks to Squeak, Kookie and Steel for yesterday.

    I know it must be frustrating for you guys to not be in a position to defend or answer the design decision questions that we have, and it's equally frustrating for us not to have some answers to these things.

    Perhaps you can drag Producer Rowan or some other bodies into the chat next week to help answer things before this hits live? While it won't change what goes live, it gives someone from your side the chance to help us understand a few things which may alleviate some of the misunderstands that are causing us to dislike these decisions so much, and it gives us a chance to make sure that our feelings are known to those who are responsible for these things.

    Just to confirm incase these these got lost in the scroll:

    Currently, I have 57 bugs documented with the enhancement interface or cosmetics. These have all been individually bug reports. You can find them in the PDF document: If you search for ** it'll take you through them.

    Currently, there are 91 creatures missing from the Monster Manual, I maintain a list of these at These have been bug reported individually and rebugged when they've not been fixed in later updates. This doesn't include any missing from the new content. I'll check these next week when it goes live rather than say that it's missing on Lamannia. I'm a big fan of the Monster Manual, so anything that we can do to help you guys fix it, just let us know.

    If you can let us know which 12 Monsters you have on your "fixed in U19 list" then you will have no shortage of volunteers to help you verify these.

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