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    Default Advice needed on what class/race to take

    I'm planning a build and would like some advice on what would be "best". I'm looking for advice on which class and which race to take (taking in mind the coming enhancement changes).

    What I would like:
    High priority: TWF, sneak attacks, bluffing
    Moderate priority: self buffs, self healing, option to not suck at ranged when needed

    What I have so far:
    * 12 Ranger
    Tempest 2, GTWF, Manyshot, Maxed Resist Energy, Maxed Protection from Energy, Maxed Barkskin.
    * 1 Bard
    For enabling max Bluff and UMD and, although of minor importance, so I can cast Expeditious Retreat.

    So that leaves 7 levels of any class and an unknown race.
    I own Favoured Soul, but not Monk and Artificer.
    I own H-Elf and Drow but not H-Orc or Warforged.
    28 point build only.

    So far I have thought of the following class options:
    * 7 Rogue
    +4d6 Sneak Attack and traps stuff, but no further buffs/healing.
    * 7 Favored Soul
    Melee debuff aura, -10% Fort/Vulnerability debuff, healing, but no really useful combat self buffs (or am I wrong? never played one at high lvls).
    * 7 Druid
    -6 AC when bluffing, healing.

    For Race I assume H-Elf, Rogue dilly for Sneak Attacks. Maybe Halfling works as well with the enhancement pass?

    AFAIK I can only get up to Cure Serious Wounds on any class combination with this split. Is that correct? If this enough self healing for higher levels? I have no experience playing on epic levels (highest char so far is 15).
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    Go HElf only if not taking rogue levels, since their SA doesn't stack and you don't need other dilly.
    I would suggest elf also, with Enhancement Pass tempest will make a great use of scimitars.
    With Enhancement Pass you gain SA also with Deepwood Stalker, and if you pick rogue you don't need bard at all.
    Rogue opens skills for you and with max UMD you can buff and heal properly.
    I would go 12/7/1ftr. It's a pity you don't have monk.

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    I'd say 15/4/1 ranger/fighter/rogue
    15 ranger for everything you mentioned+cure serious+Freedom of movement (14 ranger for cure serious, 15 for FoM)
    4 fighter for 3 feats. (never say no to feats!)
    1 rogue for trap skills (if wanted, definitely optional), 1d6 (3.5 avg) sneak attack dmg, bluff and UMD.

    I'd go elf and take lesser dragonmark of storm for a displacement clicky - but that's only viable after enhancement pass.
    If you don't want displacement (you want displacement!) I'd say either Helf (rogue dilly, swap rogue level for bard) or Halfling, keep rogue level.

    Also, may be worth considering dex based, using scimitars - could be interesting, though you'd want some base str, of course.

    Cure serious? Yes, it can be plenty of self healing - if you have the gear. It requires devotion enhancements and a devotion item - a long with heal amp, of course. (human/helf aside, only easy to get at epics)

    And do remember, you'll have heal scrolls as well. They are fun.

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