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... I haven't seen anyone talk about Bladeforged Paladin tanks yet. While limited to 32point builds and gear as a first lifer, Bladeforged also get some fantastic benefits:
Bladeforged Transformation (6 Paladin) says you can't cast spells and you are immune to healing. However, when I tested it you could cast all Paladin spells and your Reconstruct SLA. While you are immune to positive healing, you can Repair and Reconstruct yourself.
Thanks for the input & BF does seem to have quite a bit going for it. Some people don't like the way WF look but I personally don't mind WF and that could be a great tank for an all WF party (where all the arcanes & Artificers can also be a "healer" or at least self-healer).

That being said Bladeforged is not an option for my buddy whose main/only character is a human paladin who alreay at level 25. I assume we will know when the expansion updates allow us to log in but I couldn't find Bladeforged Transformation in the PDF of enhancements.