Howdy folks.

I'm TRing into a Dubbel O'Seven Artificer build. I have never played the class, or any Warforged before, so I am completely unfamiliar with Docents and any Artificer specific gear that might be out there.

I was hoping some of you more experienced players could suggest to me some equipment to farm up in preparation for this journey. I probably wont farm up all the end game stuff, as I'd like to experience that content on my Artificer, but I'm open to things that don't require a huge amount of time to obtain.

I have a Conc-op Blindness Ward 150+ SP Goggles already and I'm probably going to grab the Nightforged Docent and slot it with Heavy Fort, but other than that I have no idea.

Any suggestions for the trip from 1-25 are more than welcome.