So when I came back to the game I had been gone so long all my characters had been booted from their respective guilds...nor do I blame them it was like 2 years. I was recruited into a fairly active guild but never made an biggie until now. the entire officer core has not logged in in 2+ months. The two characters I have in the guild can't recruit my alts. Besides a dead guild is no fun. So to be honest and up front who I am and what I am looking for:Looking for:active guilddecent level 50+Not uber-elitistfriendlytolerant of my erratic play style and timesWho am I:Other than a 2 year break have been around since 2007I have a very erratic play time mainly weekdays CST due to family time and commitmentPUG a lot because I like it but happy to run with guildies when they are onTend to have a lot of alts because I like trying new buildsOnly have 1 20+ character and several in the TR processI am friendly and eager to helpI am not leet by any definition but I do enjoy playing and try to play smart.If you are interested PM here, respond, or in game Sarphina or Allryonia or my two characters I am playing the most on currently.Thanks