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    Default Please add "dagger" to Xen'drik Weapon Training

    Rapier, shortsword and dagger please.

    shuriken is a joke, but it can stay. Some sort of hand cross bow might be cool in the future; set it up like a rune arm or an orb, but with different graphics...

    Anyway, could we please get Daggers added to Xen'drik Weapon Training?

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    Just thought I would bump this.
    After all, pnp has this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cru121 View Post
    Just thought I would bump this.
    After all, pnp has this:

    You so had me almost playing EQ2. That was the ad on that page of the wiki when I clicked through. I clicked on the ad to give the wiki the revenue, then took some time to look at the login screen. Almost made a free account to check it out, but I barely have time for one game, and that is this one. *whew*

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